Monday 9 September 2013

vSphere 5.x Notes

1) The Integrated databases on vCenter virtual appliance and Windows based vCenter.
The supported limit on all these databases is: 5 Hosts and 50 Virtual Machines.

a) Windows based vCenter : 
vCenter Server 5.x is bundled with SQL Express 2008
vCenter Server 4.x is bundled with SQL Express 2005

b) Linux Based vCenter : 
vCenter 5.1 is bundled with embedded DB2 database
vCenter 5.0 is bundled with embedded PostgreSQL database.

2) How do we compare the performance of the different types of Storage?
A) The below NetApp TR 3916 shows performance using different vSphere supported storage's:
" VMware vSphere 4.1 Storage Performance: Measuring FCoE, FC,iSCSI, and NFS Protocols"

3) How do I get a list of VMs with RDM luns along with the NAA or Lun id?
A) Below is a list of links I found on the Internet that can help you accomplish the above task:
a) Identifying virtual machines with Raw Device Mappings (RDMs) using PowerCLI (2001823)

b) LUN report – datastore, RDM and node visibility

c) Get LUN id of Raw Disk Mappings with PowerCLI

4)  If you ever wanted to Harden your VMware Infrastructure and did not know how, below is the link to the Official guide that can help you ensure that your ESXi, VC, Update Manager and other componets are hardened.

VMware vSphere Hardening Guides v 4.x and 5.x.

5) Below is  link to the Comparison of different features of vSphere Editions. 

6)  When you are archtecting an VMware vCloud Infrastructure  the VMware vCloud Architecture ToolKit(vCAT) is definitely recommended to be used as a reference. It contains a bunch of design guideline documents,reference guides and tools that can be very helpful.

VMware vCloud Architecture ToolKit (vCAT) v3.1

7) How to enable vMotion for Internal Only vSwitch