Tuesday 30 August 2016

Gathering Logs from "Nutanix NCC Health Check"

To gather the logs from Nutanix NCC, you can follow the below simple steps. In Version 4.5, the NCC is built into the Nutanix controller VM and hence no additional steps are required.

1) Login to the Nutanix Cluster using the admin username and password.

2) Go to Home => Hardware => Table. You can get the list of controller VMs IPs here. In case you don't remember them that nano second. :-)
3) Next, you will need to ssh to one of the controller VMs using Putty,using the username : nutanix/nutanix/4u (default) in case the password has not been changed.

4) Run the command : ncc health_checks run_all

5) Take a break, come back and hopefully the health_check should have completed.Now we need to move the logs to our local computer in case you need to share them.

6) I use WINSCP to download the logs from the controller VM to my local computer.Install Winscp and when prompted for the IP,enter the Controller VM Ip address and don't forget to select SCP and enter the same username and password. 

 7) Browse to the below directory where the logs are stroed, and you can copy them by just dragging and dropping to your computer location on the left : 

Hope this information helps.


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