Wednesday 24 March 2021

VROPS 8 - Importing "Clean Executive Summary" Dashboard.

 1) Download the Dashboard  as a zip file ( from the link.

2) Extract the zip file and you should see 2 zip files. Extract them to separate folders.

2)  Login to vRealize Operations Manager and Select  "Dashboards" => "Manage Dashboards".

3) Select the three dots " ... " =>  " Import "

4) Browse to the Extracted folders as per step 2, and select the "dashboard.json" file.

5) Sort the Dashboards based on "Last Modified", you should see the "Clean Executive Summary" Dashboard.

6) Next Step is to Import the "View" provided in the zip file.  Select "Dashboard" => "View" => "Import". 

7) Select the Zip file and verify that the file imported successfully. You should see " Trend of ESXi Growth" view in the list.

8) Click on the Dashboard Tab and you should see the "Clean Executive Summary" Dashboard.